Xiaomi MIUI 6 very similar to Apple’s iOS 7 UI

The Chinese phone manufacturer, Xiaomi, has just announced its newest version of the famous Android UI. However, the new design makes the MIUI 6 to look quite similar to Apple’s iOS 7.  The new interface is richer in colors and it has a minimalist feature. The company claims that it has better security characteristics. Gadgets like the soon-to-be-here Mi 4 and Xiaomi Mi3 will get the official upgrade of MIUI 6 in a few months after the developers test it.

Xiaomi says that it has made the MIUI 6 less complex and it is easy to see that there is quite a difference between it and the MIUI 5. The Chinese company has opted for some big, white spaces and some very rich colors for its most important applications. This decision has determined many to compare MIUI 6 with iOS 7. The mail applications and the calendar look quite similar to the ones that can be found on Apple mobile phones.

Many design elements have been changed. For example the calculator and the clock applications have a much neater aspect now. The big target buttons of the camera have been changed and replaced with some neater targets which actually float on the display.

The lock screen has also been changed. The user can see now the number of his/her pending notifications and can reach the applications by choosing the number. There are also some non-intrusive notifications for incoming text messages or telephone calls.

The dialer application is much better now. With the MIUI 6 it is possible to see the caller ID in case of unknown numbers. Moreover, the user has the possibility to mark down the number of certain services. The carrier’s customer care hotline can be handled by means of the dialer. Thus, the user no longer has to listen to the recording machine while trying to reach the carrier’s operator.

There are high chances for the MIUI to bring some fresh themes for the new version. The big controversy here is related to the fact that the MIUI 6 operating systems looks so much alike the iOS 7 UI. It is true that Apple was not the first company to use the UI design but it had a great contribution into its redesigning.

Xiaomi does not get an image plus from the fact that the website created for the new operating system looks close to Apple’s website. There is no surprise that lots of people consider the MIUI 6 some sort of a copy of the iOS 7 but this is not true. The MIUI 6 has its own particular features. It has got the comprehensive permission manager, the store themes and also the notification toggles which are customizable.