The iWatch has been officially brought Into the Apple Family

Samsung and Google have been training to attract new and old customers with their smart watches for some time now. Lots of gadgets enthusiasts have been waiting for Apple to join the competition.

The rumors about the Apple smart watch, called the iWatch appeared in February 2013. Back then, Bloomberg claimed that Apple had employed a team of one hundred designers in order to produce a wrist watch having the functions and the features of an iPhone and iPad as well.

Time passed by and no news about the Apple smart watch came out. All quiet, until last Sunday when the idea resurfaced due to the approval of the patent for the Apple wearable. It was discovered that the request for the patent was made on the 20th of July 2011.

The patent has lots of details about Apple’s smart watch. According to it, the smart watch is going to have a message feature, media playback and connectivity with Mac computers and iPhone. The patent says that the watch will have a gyroscope and an accelerometer. When the gyroscope is put on the arm, it will give the user the possibility to use gestures to control the watch. Calls will be accepted or rejected just with a writs shake. Near Filed Communication and GPS features are also mentioned in the patent form.

The paten has also drawings in which are presented the future look of Apple’s smart watch. The name iTime is not mentioned in the text at all; however this name can be seen in one of the illustrations. The display, where the name iTime appear is presented as being detachable. The drawings and the text suggest that the display is going to function like some sort of iPod nano gadget. Probably it is going to have some sort of modular connectivity feature.

It is true that a patent dating back to 2011 is not a solid proof that Apple is going to hit the market with a smart watch. Nonetheless it proves that is has taken into consideration the possibility to enlarge even more the i line family.

There are many Apple fans who hope that the patent revealing is not just a simple coincidence but a teaser to prepare people for the coming of the Apple wearable. Apple is in the habit of launching its new products in the month of September. However, nobody knows for sure if iTime will be among the new iPhones and iPads this coming autumn.