The Battle of the Tablets: Windows, iOS and Apple

Electronics companies have decided to focus their attention on the enterprise tablet market since the consumer market appears to be quite saturated. Almost any person, who wanted a table, purchased one. Not only this, but it appears that consumer are not so eager to change their tablets as they are when it comes to mobile phones. Thus, it is no wonder that the tablet sales have dropped.

The business market looks very appealing for the time being. But companies have other needs than common customers. They need physical keyboards, high security devices and management abilities. This market is more conservative and pretentious than the consumer one. Thus, it is more difficult to penetrate, mainly for manufacturers who do not commercialize Windows slates.

Microsoft seems to be having a slight advantage since the majority of desktop computers in companies run on its operating systems. The Android and iPad gadgets might not be that welcomed. This explains why Apple has decided to team up with IBM so as to determine companies to accept its iOS applications.

Android has done very well in the domain of consumer sales but it has a lot to prove when it comes to selling its products to companies. Android should try to be more business-oriented and should definitely take advantage of its top position in the area of smart phones. A stronger connection between Android smart phones and tablets might stir the interest of business people.

This seems to be good news for Microsoft, which has got plenty of time to prepare the Surface tablet. There is also time for producers of hybrid Windows tablets. There are business people who would prefer a hybrid Windows tablet because it can be easily integrated in the infrastructure of the company.

However, Apple has high chances of becoming a feared competitor due to its IBM connection. Its iPads might turn out to be extremely handy for executives. Probably, it will take a longer time for Android to make a name for itself on the enterprise market, but times are changing fast.

The company tablet market is getting more and more interesting to analyze. Most of the applications used in companies are web bases and this means that the gadget used to access the web is not important as long as this is done in no time. Thus, this new focus on tablet market might only be the beginning of a long battle between huge electronics companies.