The Application Paradox of the Amazon Fire Phone

Previous to the launch of the so much advertised Amazon Fire Phone, the e-commerce company announced that it has the intention to enrich the storage of its Appstore with more than 204,000 applications. In spite of these, the buyers of an Amazon Phone are not going to find lots of key applications on their new gadget. The essential applications like Swarm, Twitter, Facebook or Swarm are there but others are totally missing.

In order to take the maximum benefit out of the Amazon Fire applications, a user has to install them outside the pre-installed Amazon Appstore. This can be done by releasing the application setting on the Amazon Fire Phone. The next step is to tap on the option called “All non-Amazon application install”. The users will get some sort of a warning after performing this action. If he/she does not have problems into taking responsibilities of his/her own loading actions, then clicking the OK button is the next logical step. Android applications can be identified with the help of the Chrome extension used to download the free APK applications for the desktop.

Unfortunately, Amazon has customized Android so much in order to adjust it to its needs that lots of Google applications do not function on the phone. Thus, the Fire Phone users cannot benefit from the Foursquare or the Starbucks applications.

This new smart phone is highly focused on the Amazon products like music, books and videos. But nobody has the right to judge Amazon for trying to sell its stuff since the iPhone is also focused on the consumption and selling of Apple products.

The Fire Phone buyers receive a free prime membership lasting a year. The films are very easy to dial up because the phone is tightly connected with the prime.

The Firefly is the application that really makes the Amazon Fire Phone stand out. This application permits a user to transform his/her phone into a shop window just by clicking a button. The user directs the phone towards the product and then the Amazon webpage selling the products opens instantly and the product is add to the shopping cart.


All this effort centered on the consumer has always been Amazon most important goal. Kindle is the best example of this practice with clients buying books after book from the Kindle Bookstore.