iPhone and iPad Get the BioShock This Summer

There is some good news for BioShock fans: 2K has announced that game is going to be available on iOS gadgets. The mobile version is quite faithful to the port of the desktop game. It is true that certain concessions were made in order to adjust the game to the less powerful hardware of mobile gadgets. Thus, the game is not that qualitative when it comes to shadows, lighting, texture and sounds. Nonetheless is a very impressive game for mobile gadgets.

The control has been adjusted for touch screen and they function pretty well, allowing the user to move loosely in the underwater universe. Moreover, the gamer can change without the problem the weapons and the powers of his avatar. However, the mobile version of the game is not very fine tuned for more difficult combat session.

The gamer does not have difficulties moving the avatar in the left part of the screen. This is due to a virtual stick which makes sure that the virtual character will not move out of a sudden just because the gamer moved his/her hand. The aiming and the shooting can be performed only on the right part of the screen. Thus, the gamer has to decide which operation to perform while being surrounded by enemies. It is quite easy when there is only one enemy, but when more opponents appear it is extremely annoying.

But 2K has anticipated all these complaints and therefore it has showed the game functioning with the help of the MOGA Hero Power controller. This has analogue triggers, buttons and sticks which have the capacity to upgrade the entire experience. The controller makes it evident that the jumping option has been removed from the mobile version of the game. Players can have access to some sort of a digital art book by means of a prior special edition of the game.

The game will be available for both iPhone and iPAd users. Unfortunately, the cloud saving will not be available for this game. 2K announced that the game will function on devices like: iPad 4 and its versions iPad Mini 2 and iPadAir, iPhone 5 and it versions iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. The mobile version is going to be built by 2 K China and not be the original developer Irrational.

The price and the launch date of the game have not been made public yet. However, 2 K has declared that the game is going to be a premium-priced one and it will probably come out at the end of the summer season.

The port is accurate, but the sound and the graphic really lack the original quality. Also it would be quite difficult to compete with the PC version of the game in terms of price. Thus, the game costs 5 US dollars and during the discounts season, it comes packed with BioShock2 and Infinite for the price of 10 US dollars. In spite of all its weak points BioShock has 9.0 review score on GameSpot.