Fresh News about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has created a lot of stir considering the fact that it is expected to have some very high tech specs. But, there are some analysts who believe that the new Samsung device will not be the ultimate gadget to dominate the electronics market.

The executive direct of Strategy Analytics, Neil Mawston, considers that the new Samsung gadget needs more than just a futuristic design in order to attract customers and boost sales. He has said that any device that Samsung launches has the purpose to stabilize and not to regrow the business. The company needs something amazing to really stand out. Customers might show a really high interest in bendable or foldable screens. The analyst claims that some of the problems Samsung has with its devices are also due to the fact that it has done little in term of their design.

PC World made a comparison between Samsung Galaxy S5 and its predecessor and it resulted that there was not any notable change in the design. There is no metal frame to really make a difference from the plastic devices.

Neil Mawston has also said that Samsung should focus its attention on making its low-cost phones more attractive to Indian and Chinese customers. He claims that for the time being Samsung has too many products and the low-cost telephones cannot compete with the ones offered by local rival companies.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha an Unexpected Appearance at a Russian Event

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has finally been spotted at an event organized by Samsung in Russia. There are numerous images from the event, presenting this new Samsung device. In spite of this, there is no news about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. There have not been any official comments on the specs of the gadget.

For the time being the Samsung fans have nothing else to do but to feed their curiosity with rumors. These claim that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is going to have a display functioning on the AMOLED technology. It will have a processor of the octa-core Exynos type and it will be running on Android 4.4 KitKat. There will be a rear camera of 12 megapixels for photo enthusiasts. Sports fans and not only they will be able to take advantage of the heart rate sensor. It is also said that Samsung Galaxy Alpha will have a modern metallic frame.