The Battle of the Tablets: Windows, iOS and Apple

Electronics companies have decided to focus their attention on the enterprise tablet market since the consumer market appears to be quite saturated. Almost any person, who wanted a table, purchased one. Not only this, but it appears that consumer are not so eager to change their tablets as they are when it comes to mobile phones. Thus, it is no wonder that the tablet sales have dropped.

The business market looks very appealing for the time being. But companies have other needs than common customers. They need physical keyboards, high security devices and management abilities. This market is more conservative and pretentious than the consumer one. Thus, it is more difficult to penetrate, mainly for manufacturers who do not commercialize Windows slates.

Microsoft seems to be having a slight advantage since the majority of desktop computers in companies run on its operating systems. The Android and iPad gadgets might not be that welcomed. This explains why Apple has decided to team up with IBM so as to determine companies to accept its iOS applications.

Android has done very well in the domain of consumer sales but it has a lot to prove when it comes to selling its products to companies. Android should try to be more business-oriented and should definitely take advantage of its top position in the area of smart phones. A stronger connection between Android smart phones and tablets might stir the interest of business people.

This seems to be good news for Microsoft, which has got plenty of time to prepare the Surface tablet. There is also time for producers of hybrid Windows tablets. There are business people who would prefer a hybrid Windows tablet because it can be easily integrated in the infrastructure of the company.

However, Apple has high chances of becoming a feared competitor due to its IBM connection. Its iPads might turn out to be extremely handy for executives. Probably, it will take a longer time for Android to make a name for itself on the enterprise market, but times are changing fast.

The company tablet market is getting more and more interesting to analyze. Most of the applications used in companies are web bases and this means that the gadget used to access the web is not important as long as this is done in no time. Thus, this new focus on tablet market might only be the beginning of a long battle between huge electronics companies.

iPhone and iPad Get the BioShock This Summer

There is some good news for BioShock fans: 2K has announced that game is going to be available on iOS gadgets. The mobile version is quite faithful to the port of the desktop game. It is true that certain concessions were made in order to adjust the game to the less powerful hardware of mobile gadgets. Thus, the game is not that qualitative when it comes to shadows, lighting, texture and sounds. Nonetheless is a very impressive game for mobile gadgets.

The control has been adjusted for touch screen and they function pretty well, allowing the user to move loosely in the underwater universe. Moreover, the gamer can change without the problem the weapons and the powers of his avatar. However, the mobile version of the game is not very fine tuned for more difficult combat session.

The gamer does not have difficulties moving the avatar in the left part of the screen. This is due to a virtual stick which makes sure that the virtual character will not move out of a sudden just because the gamer moved his/her hand. The aiming and the shooting can be performed only on the right part of the screen. Thus, the gamer has to decide which operation to perform while being surrounded by enemies. It is quite easy when there is only one enemy, but when more opponents appear it is extremely annoying.

But 2K has anticipated all these complaints and therefore it has showed the game functioning with the help of the MOGA Hero Power controller. This has analogue triggers, buttons and sticks which have the capacity to upgrade the entire experience. The controller makes it evident that the jumping option has been removed from the mobile version of the game. Players can have access to some sort of a digital art book by means of a prior special edition of the game.

The game will be available for both iPhone and iPAd users. Unfortunately, the cloud saving will not be available for this game. 2K announced that the game will function on devices like: iPad 4 and its versions iPad Mini 2 and iPadAir, iPhone 5 and it versions iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. The mobile version is going to be built by 2 K China and not be the original developer Irrational.

The price and the launch date of the game have not been made public yet. However, 2 K has declared that the game is going to be a premium-priced one and it will probably come out at the end of the summer season.

The port is accurate, but the sound and the graphic really lack the original quality. Also it would be quite difficult to compete with the PC version of the game in terms of price. Thus, the game costs 5 US dollars and during the discounts season, it comes packed with BioShock2 and Infinite for the price of 10 US dollars. In spite of all its weak points BioShock has 9.0 review score on GameSpot.

The iWatch has been officially brought Into the Apple Family

Samsung and Google have been training to attract new and old customers with their smart watches for some time now. Lots of gadgets enthusiasts have been waiting for Apple to join the competition.

The rumors about the Apple smart watch, called the iWatch appeared in February 2013. Back then, Bloomberg claimed that Apple had employed a team of one hundred designers in order to produce a wrist watch having the functions and the features of an iPhone and iPad as well.

Time passed by and no news about the Apple smart watch came out. All quiet, until last Sunday when the idea resurfaced due to the approval of the patent for the Apple wearable. It was discovered that the request for the patent was made on the 20th of July 2011.

The patent has lots of details about Apple’s smart watch. According to it, the smart watch is going to have a message feature, media playback and connectivity with Mac computers and iPhone. The patent says that the watch will have a gyroscope and an accelerometer. When the gyroscope is put on the arm, it will give the user the possibility to use gestures to control the watch. Calls will be accepted or rejected just with a writs shake. Near Filed Communication and GPS features are also mentioned in the patent form.

The paten has also drawings in which are presented the future look of Apple’s smart watch. The name iTime is not mentioned in the text at all; however this name can be seen in one of the illustrations. The display, where the name iTime appear is presented as being detachable. The drawings and the text suggest that the display is going to function like some sort of iPod nano gadget. Probably it is going to have some sort of modular connectivity feature.

It is true that a patent dating back to 2011 is not a solid proof that Apple is going to hit the market with a smart watch. Nonetheless it proves that is has taken into consideration the possibility to enlarge even more the i line family.

There are many Apple fans who hope that the patent revealing is not just a simple coincidence but a teaser to prepare people for the coming of the Apple wearable. Apple is in the habit of launching its new products in the month of September. However, nobody knows for sure if iTime will be among the new iPhones and iPads this coming autumn.

Apple plans to surprise Users with Its New 12 inch Retina MacBook and the 4K Mac Desktop

The end of 2014 is going to witness a store invasion of Apple products. Thus, the company plans to launch not only the much rumored iPhone 6 and the iWatch but also the 12 inch Retina Macbook and the 4K Mac Desktop. There are various leaks which claim that Apple will release first its OS X Yosemite in early October then later in the month it will hit the market with the MacBook and the Desktop mentioned above.

The 12 inch MacBook is rumored to be functioning on the advanced high resolution Retina Display technology. It is also said that it will have an amazing design with a slim figure and aluminum case.  Nobody knows for sure if this MacBook will be considered a tinier model of MackBook Pro or a brand new alternative of MacBook Air. However, Apple claims that its new laptop represents an important advancement in the production of laptop computers.

The new Apple desktop is also surrounded by lots of questions and unknown fact. According to the 9to5mac report, Apple will release an iMac with a screen having a 4 K type resolution or an independent Thunderbolt Display. However, it is not very clear if Apple wants to sell the newly produced desktop as a Retina display. The report says that the technology necessary for the real pixel doubling of the present 27 inch iMac is not ready yet to be delivered to customers. The situation is similar for the Thunderbolt Display having a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The same report state that the electronics company has serious plans to leverage its newly produced hardware and turn it into a selling point for OS X Yosemite. The source that provide the above information also said that the interface elements seem to be created to suit screens having a high resolution; thus, it is logic for Apple to present the Retina Mac almost at the same time with the Yosemite launch.

The iWatch is supposed to be launched in October as well. Nobody knows if Apple is going to set up a huge event during which it will launch all its new products or it will have separate events, one for the Mac products and another for the smart watch.

The Apple computers are supposed to the shipped either at the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2014. However, there are high chances for their launch to be postponed until the beginning of 2015 because of the Intel chipsets but also due to other gadgets which are scheduled to be launched in 2014.