Xiaomi MIUI 6 very similar to Apple’s iOS 7 UI

The Chinese phone manufacturer, Xiaomi, has just announced its newest version of the famous Android UI. However, the new design makes the MIUI 6 to look quite similar to Apple’s iOS 7.  The new interface is richer in colors and it has a minimalist feature. The company claims that it has better security characteristics. Gadgets like the soon-to-be-here Mi 4 and Xiaomi Mi3 will get the official upgrade of MIUI 6 in a few months after the developers test it.

Xiaomi says that it has made the MIUI 6 less complex and it is easy to see that there is quite a difference between it and the MIUI 5. The Chinese company has opted for some big, white spaces and some very rich colors for its most important applications. This decision has determined many to compare MIUI 6 with iOS 7. The mail applications and the calendar look quite similar to the ones that can be found on Apple mobile phones.

Many design elements have been changed. For example the calculator and the clock applications have a much neater aspect now. The big target buttons of the camera have been changed and replaced with some neater targets which actually float on the display.

The lock screen has also been changed. The user can see now the number of his/her pending notifications and can reach the applications by choosing the number. There are also some non-intrusive notifications for incoming text messages or telephone calls.

The dialer application is much better now. With the MIUI 6 it is possible to see the caller ID in case of unknown numbers. Moreover, the user has the possibility to mark down the number of certain services. The carrier’s customer care hotline can be handled by means of the dialer. Thus, the user no longer has to listen to the recording machine while trying to reach the carrier’s operator.

There are high chances for the MIUI to bring some fresh themes for the new version. The big controversy here is related to the fact that the MIUI 6 operating systems looks so much alike the iOS 7 UI. It is true that Apple was not the first company to use the UI design but it had a great contribution into its redesigning.

Xiaomi does not get an image plus from the fact that the website created for the new operating system looks close to Apple’s website. There is no surprise that lots of people consider the MIUI 6 some sort of a copy of the iOS 7 but this is not true. The MIUI 6 has its own particular features. It has got the comprehensive permission manager, the store themes and also the notification toggles which are customizable.

The Battle of the Tablets: Windows, iOS and Apple

Electronics companies have decided to focus their attention on the enterprise tablet market since the consumer market appears to be quite saturated. Almost any person, who wanted a table, purchased one. Not only this, but it appears that consumer are not so eager to change their tablets as they are when it comes to mobile phones. Thus, it is no wonder that the tablet sales have dropped.

The business market looks very appealing for the time being. But companies have other needs than common customers. They need physical keyboards, high security devices and management abilities. This market is more conservative and pretentious than the consumer one. Thus, it is more difficult to penetrate, mainly for manufacturers who do not commercialize Windows slates.

Microsoft seems to be having a slight advantage since the majority of desktop computers in companies run on its operating systems. The Android and iPad gadgets might not be that welcomed. This explains why Apple has decided to team up with IBM so as to determine companies to accept its iOS applications.

Android has done very well in the domain of consumer sales but it has a lot to prove when it comes to selling its products to companies. Android should try to be more business-oriented and should definitely take advantage of its top position in the area of smart phones. A stronger connection between Android smart phones and tablets might stir the interest of business people.

This seems to be good news for Microsoft, which has got plenty of time to prepare the Surface tablet. There is also time for producers of hybrid Windows tablets. There are business people who would prefer a hybrid Windows tablet because it can be easily integrated in the infrastructure of the company.

However, Apple has high chances of becoming a feared competitor due to its IBM connection. Its iPads might turn out to be extremely handy for executives. Probably, it will take a longer time for Android to make a name for itself on the enterprise market, but times are changing fast.

The company tablet market is getting more and more interesting to analyze. Most of the applications used in companies are web bases and this means that the gadget used to access the web is not important as long as this is done in no time. Thus, this new focus on tablet market might only be the beginning of a long battle between huge electronics companies.

Encrypted Mobile Phone – PGP Blackberry – Safest way to send an email

With everything happening in the world today, it is hard to tell if anything you do is secure any longer. Some people have acknowledged this level of intrusion as something that they do not care about, do not need to concern about, or simply cannot do anything to stop from happening.  This should not be the case. No one should involuntarily give up their right to confidentiality. Many people simply cannot allow it because of the sensitive information that they work on.

Many government agencies have overstepped their limit in the eyes of numerous citizens, by overreaching in their scope of how far they go in collecting information. The thing that has not been acknowledged is that authorities agencies may be stepping on the toes of other agencies, either government or non-government, who really survive by secrecy. Not everybody realizes what others is performing, nor should they in an perfect world. Barriers must be kept in place in certain situations.

Android and iPhones have proven to be unreliable when considering to encryption email and data protection. These popular devices have been fairly reduced to the status of toys when it comes to business or professional grade protection against espionage at any level. No one understands where the compromise starts and comes to an end with these kinds of systems whose very devices was born with the idea of giving access to those who required it from certain levels.

This is false with the Blackberry pgp encrypted mobile phone. It doesn’t seem to be the serious target of any known or unidentified corporations at the hardware level. Regardless, it still needs strong security at the software level. This is where PGP encryption software comes in.  With this carefully manufactured and personalized solution, folk using Blackberry pgp phones with the pgp encryption software correctly installed or configured may have assurance again that their information is not accessible to anybody other than the intended targets.

This is a huge advantage, and a relief to the business and private sector. Being able to shut out prying eyes and nosy ears is a advantage. Now, it’s an affordable tool which is accessible through only a select people. At the moment, the leader of this technology is a company called TopPGP.com. They create their product available straight from their website. They are offering internationally blackberry pgp encryption phones since 2004.  This is a extremely trusted and trusted organization in the pgp encryption software industry.

Currently, it seems possible to take back your world, and submit and receive very sensitive classified information. Of course, the government isn’t pleased concerning this.  They continue to press for laws opposing this kind of software, openly acknowledging that they are helpless against it.  What comes around goes around. In this world, you reap what you sew. Some would say that it’s Karma. And others, like Blackberry Encrypted Phones, would say care about your personal business!

Scaune Auto Copii, O necesitate Obligatorie

Veți avea probleme cu poliția rutieră dacă nu veți folosi acest accesoriu pentru autoturismul vostru. Noul Cod Rutier modificat prevede că minorii care au înălțimea de până în 1, 35 metri vor putea fi transportați cu mașina doar dacă sunt așezați în niște scaune speciale pentru copii. Este o adaptare a legislației românești la cea auropeană, iar încălcarea acestei prevederi poate aduce o amendă de mai bine de 400 de lei și se lasă și cu 3 puncte de penalizare pentru șofer. Nu doar asta e problema. Scaunele auto pentru copii îl protejează realmente pe micuț în caz de impact, ceea ce simpla centură de siguranță sau blocarea ușilor mașinii nu o pot face destul de eficient. E mai simplu să faci o investiție nu foarte mare, să scapi de coșmarul amenzilor și să-ți transporți copilul în deplină siguranță. Pentru asta e nevoie să te adresezi unor specialiști. Pe bekid.ro găsești foarte multe variante de scaune auto copii, la prețuri pentru mai toate buzunarele și, mai mult, ai garanția că sunt eficiente.

Ca să nu mai vorbim de faptul că cele mai multe dintre ele arată și foarte bine ca design. Hai să vedem câteva amănunte despre modelele puse în vânzare pe OutletMall.ro. De exemplu, Coșulețul Auto Bebeluși CANGAROO Olymp Roșu, este un scaun pentru bebelușii în greutate de până la 13 kilograme, este autoajustabil și poate fi folosit atât pentru scaunul din față, cât și pentru cel din spate al mașinii dumneavoastră. Scaunul este dotat cu perniță specială pentru susținerea capului copilului, un buton pentru ajustarea lungimii centurilor de siguranță și un mâner pentru transport ajustabil și el în mai multe poziții, în așa fel încât să fie transportat în condiții cât mai lejere. Acest model costă 249 de lei. O altă variantă, ceva mai performantă și cu dotări suplimentare este scaunul auto MK 500 Baby Travel Albastru. Acesta este confecționat din materiale de calitate și are centuri de siguranță cu prindere în 5 puncte, echipate cu protecție pentru umeri, cu perniță pentru nou-născuți, cu sistem de reglare al centurilor de siguranță, cu un buzunar pentru accesorii și suport pentru capul copilului. Scaunul are patru trepte de reglare a unghiului de înclinare și este recomandat grupei de copii cu greutate între 0 și 25 de kilograme. Acest model de scaun auto pentru copii costă, la outletmall, 419 lei. Produsele de la outletmall.ro sunt noi, se livrează în 24 de ore de la lansarea comenzii, prin Fan Curier, au certificate de garanție, iar clientul are posibilitatea de a returna produsul în 14 zile, dacă acest nu corespunde nevoilor sale.

S-ar putea ca unii dintre noi să-și spună că nu sunt mari probleme dacă acel scaun pentru copii lipsește din dotarea masinii. Din păcate, nu este deloc așa, putem plăti 400 de lei amendă în cazul în care nu respectăm această prevedere legală. Iată mai jos un extras dintr-un material, pe care l-am găsit aici, pe această temă.

„Codul Rutier a fost modificat si spune ca minorii care au pana la 1 metru si 35 de centimetri inaltime pot fi transportati cu automobilul numai daca sunt asezati in scaune sau pe niste perne speciale. Astfel, Romania se aliniaza legislatiei europene.

In trei saptamani veti plati 400 de lei amenda daca veti transporta copilul cu masina fara sa respectati masurile de siguranta impuse de lege si anume obligativitatea de a avea un scaun auto copii atunci cand calatoriti in masina cu copilasul dvs.

Nu usile blocate va salveaza copilul in cazul unui impact, ci un scaun adaptat pentru micut, cu centuri de siguranta in trei puncte.

Iata ce se petrece in habitaclu atunci cand are loc impactul: copilul este aruncat si izbit de peretii masinii, forta unui parinte, care l-ar strange in brate, nu are efect, iar copilul ar fi aruncat ca un proiectil.

Asa ca legea romaneasca a fost adaptata la cea europeana, pentru ca sa oblige parintii sa-si protejeze copiii. Noul regulament spune ca minorii care au pana 135 de cm inaltime, sa fie pusi intr-un scaun special.”

Și cum trei săptămâni trec repede, folosiți cu încredere, în următoarea perioadă, scaunele auto omologate pentru copii de la bekid.ro, pentru siguranța copiilor voștri și evitarea neplăcerilor provocate de nerespectarea legii.

Umidificator camera copii o necesitate sau un mit?

A venit toamna si se apropie cu pasi repezi si iarna, vremea incepe sa se raceasca, incepem sa punem in functiune caloriferele, dar trebuie sa luati in calcul si faptul ca instalatiile de incalzit pot reduce nivelul de umiditate din camera, ceea ce poate creea un disconfort, iar acesta poate fi inlaturat prin montarea unui umidificator camera. In momentul de fata exista o gama larga de umidificatoare camera copii ce pot fi achizitionate la un pret rezonabil. Un model aparte il reprezinta acest umidificator camera copii care are un design special in forma de animalute (rata,hellokity,porcusor) avand un rezervor mare si anume de 2.8l ceea ce va asigura o functionare indelungata fara reumplere.

Umiditatea optima se situeaza intre valorile de 45% si 55%, sa demonstrat stiintific ca o uimditate de peste 45% reduce semnificativ riscul de gripa sau raceala, in schimb cresterea umiditatii peste 60% faciliteaza dezvoltarea mucegaiului si ciupercilor.

Daca nu detii un astfel de umidificator camera, trebuie sa il cumperi, dar cum poti sti care este cel mai bun umidificator? Sunt mai multe criterii de care trebuie sa tii cont, unul dintre acestea este suprafata camerei in care il veti plasa, deoarece fiecare tip de umidificator poate produce o anumita cantitate de abur, potrivita pentru o anumita suprafata.

Trebuie doar sa fiti atenti la cum corelati cele doua elemente: suprafata camerei si umiditatea denerata de umidificator, de exemplu alegerea unui umidificator cu aer cald pentru o camera de dimensiuni mici, nu va fi tocmai cea mai inteleapta alegere. De asemenea folosirea unui singur umidificator intr-o camera cu suprafta prea mare pentru forta lui de a produce aburi, va face ca acesta sa fie mai putin eficient, si datorita distributiei neuniforme.

Fresh News about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has created a lot of stir considering the fact that it is expected to have some very high tech specs. But, there are some analysts who believe that the new Samsung device will not be the ultimate gadget to dominate the electronics market.

The executive direct of Strategy Analytics, Neil Mawston, considers that the new Samsung gadget needs more than just a futuristic design in order to attract customers and boost sales. He has said that any device that Samsung launches has the purpose to stabilize and not to regrow the business. The company needs something amazing to really stand out. Customers might show a really high interest in bendable or foldable screens. The analyst claims that some of the problems Samsung has with its devices are also due to the fact that it has done little in term of their design.

PC World made a comparison between Samsung Galaxy S5 and its predecessor and it resulted that there was not any notable change in the design. There is no metal frame to really make a difference from the plastic devices.

Neil Mawston has also said that Samsung should focus its attention on making its low-cost phones more attractive to Indian and Chinese customers. He claims that for the time being Samsung has too many products and the low-cost telephones cannot compete with the ones offered by local rival companies.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha an Unexpected Appearance at a Russian Event

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has finally been spotted at an event organized by Samsung in Russia. There are numerous images from the event, presenting this new Samsung device. In spite of this, there is no news about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. There have not been any official comments on the specs of the gadget.

For the time being the Samsung fans have nothing else to do but to feed their curiosity with rumors. These claim that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is going to have a display functioning on the AMOLED technology. It will have a processor of the octa-core Exynos type and it will be running on Android 4.4 KitKat. There will be a rear camera of 12 megapixels for photo enthusiasts. Sports fans and not only they will be able to take advantage of the heart rate sensor. It is also said that Samsung Galaxy Alpha will have a modern metallic frame.

iPhone and iPad Get the BioShock This Summer

There is some good news for BioShock fans: 2K has announced that game is going to be available on iOS gadgets. The mobile version is quite faithful to the port of the desktop game. It is true that certain concessions were made in order to adjust the game to the less powerful hardware of mobile gadgets. Thus, the game is not that qualitative when it comes to shadows, lighting, texture and sounds. Nonetheless is a very impressive game for mobile gadgets.

The control has been adjusted for touch screen and they function pretty well, allowing the user to move loosely in the underwater universe. Moreover, the gamer can change without the problem the weapons and the powers of his avatar. However, the mobile version of the game is not very fine tuned for more difficult combat session.

The gamer does not have difficulties moving the avatar in the left part of the screen. This is due to a virtual stick which makes sure that the virtual character will not move out of a sudden just because the gamer moved his/her hand. The aiming and the shooting can be performed only on the right part of the screen. Thus, the gamer has to decide which operation to perform while being surrounded by enemies. It is quite easy when there is only one enemy, but when more opponents appear it is extremely annoying.

But 2K has anticipated all these complaints and therefore it has showed the game functioning with the help of the MOGA Hero Power controller. This has analogue triggers, buttons and sticks which have the capacity to upgrade the entire experience. The controller makes it evident that the jumping option has been removed from the mobile version of the game. Players can have access to some sort of a digital art book by means of a prior special edition of the game.

The game will be available for both iPhone and iPAd users. Unfortunately, the cloud saving will not be available for this game. 2K announced that the game will function on devices like: iPad 4 and its versions iPad Mini 2 and iPadAir, iPhone 5 and it versions iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. The mobile version is going to be built by 2 K China and not be the original developer Irrational.

The price and the launch date of the game have not been made public yet. However, 2 K has declared that the game is going to be a premium-priced one and it will probably come out at the end of the summer season.

The port is accurate, but the sound and the graphic really lack the original quality. Also it would be quite difficult to compete with the PC version of the game in terms of price. Thus, the game costs 5 US dollars and during the discounts season, it comes packed with BioShock2 and Infinite for the price of 10 US dollars. In spite of all its weak points BioShock has 9.0 review score on GameSpot.

The Application Paradox of the Amazon Fire Phone

Previous to the launch of the so much advertised Amazon Fire Phone, the e-commerce company announced that it has the intention to enrich the storage of its Appstore with more than 204,000 applications. In spite of these, the buyers of an Amazon Phone are not going to find lots of key applications on their new gadget. The essential applications like Swarm, Twitter, Facebook or Swarm are there but others are totally missing.

In order to take the maximum benefit out of the Amazon Fire applications, a user has to install them outside the pre-installed Amazon Appstore. This can be done by releasing the application setting on the Amazon Fire Phone. The next step is to tap on the option called “All non-Amazon application install”. The users will get some sort of a warning after performing this action. If he/she does not have problems into taking responsibilities of his/her own loading actions, then clicking the OK button is the next logical step. Android applications can be identified with the help of the Chrome extension used to download the free APK applications for the desktop.

Unfortunately, Amazon has customized Android so much in order to adjust it to its needs that lots of Google applications do not function on the phone. Thus, the Fire Phone users cannot benefit from the Foursquare or the Starbucks applications.

This new smart phone is highly focused on the Amazon products like music, books and videos. But nobody has the right to judge Amazon for trying to sell its stuff since the iPhone is also focused on the consumption and selling of Apple products.

The Fire Phone buyers receive a free prime membership lasting a year. The films are very easy to dial up because the phone is tightly connected with the prime.

The Firefly is the application that really makes the Amazon Fire Phone stand out. This application permits a user to transform his/her phone into a shop window just by clicking a button. The user directs the phone towards the product and then the Amazon webpage selling the products opens instantly and the product is add to the shopping cart.


All this effort centered on the consumer has always been Amazon most important goal. Kindle is the best example of this practice with clients buying books after book from the Kindle Bookstore.

The iWatch has been officially brought Into the Apple Family

Samsung and Google have been training to attract new and old customers with their smart watches for some time now. Lots of gadgets enthusiasts have been waiting for Apple to join the competition.

The rumors about the Apple smart watch, called the iWatch appeared in February 2013. Back then, Bloomberg claimed that Apple had employed a team of one hundred designers in order to produce a wrist watch having the functions and the features of an iPhone and iPad as well.

Time passed by and no news about the Apple smart watch came out. All quiet, until last Sunday when the idea resurfaced due to the approval of the patent for the Apple wearable. It was discovered that the request for the patent was made on the 20th of July 2011.

The patent has lots of details about Apple’s smart watch. According to it, the smart watch is going to have a message feature, media playback and connectivity with Mac computers and iPhone. The patent says that the watch will have a gyroscope and an accelerometer. When the gyroscope is put on the arm, it will give the user the possibility to use gestures to control the watch. Calls will be accepted or rejected just with a writs shake. Near Filed Communication and GPS features are also mentioned in the patent form.

The paten has also drawings in which are presented the future look of Apple’s smart watch. The name iTime is not mentioned in the text at all; however this name can be seen in one of the illustrations. The display, where the name iTime appear is presented as being detachable. The drawings and the text suggest that the display is going to function like some sort of iPod nano gadget. Probably it is going to have some sort of modular connectivity feature.

It is true that a patent dating back to 2011 is not a solid proof that Apple is going to hit the market with a smart watch. Nonetheless it proves that is has taken into consideration the possibility to enlarge even more the i line family.

There are many Apple fans who hope that the patent revealing is not just a simple coincidence but a teaser to prepare people for the coming of the Apple wearable. Apple is in the habit of launching its new products in the month of September. However, nobody knows for sure if iTime will be among the new iPhones and iPads this coming autumn.

Apple plans to surprise Users with Its New 12 inch Retina MacBook and the 4K Mac Desktop

The end of 2014 is going to witness a store invasion of Apple products. Thus, the company plans to launch not only the much rumored iPhone 6 and the iWatch but also the 12 inch Retina Macbook and the 4K Mac Desktop. There are various leaks which claim that Apple will release first its OS X Yosemite in early October then later in the month it will hit the market with the MacBook and the Desktop mentioned above.

The 12 inch MacBook is rumored to be functioning on the advanced high resolution Retina Display technology. It is also said that it will have an amazing design with a slim figure and aluminum case.  Nobody knows for sure if this MacBook will be considered a tinier model of MackBook Pro or a brand new alternative of MacBook Air. However, Apple claims that its new laptop represents an important advancement in the production of laptop computers.

The new Apple desktop is also surrounded by lots of questions and unknown fact. According to the 9to5mac report, Apple will release an iMac with a screen having a 4 K type resolution or an independent Thunderbolt Display. However, it is not very clear if Apple wants to sell the newly produced desktop as a Retina display. The report says that the technology necessary for the real pixel doubling of the present 27 inch iMac is not ready yet to be delivered to customers. The situation is similar for the Thunderbolt Display having a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The same report state that the electronics company has serious plans to leverage its newly produced hardware and turn it into a selling point for OS X Yosemite. The source that provide the above information also said that the interface elements seem to be created to suit screens having a high resolution; thus, it is logic for Apple to present the Retina Mac almost at the same time with the Yosemite launch.

The iWatch is supposed to be launched in October as well. Nobody knows if Apple is going to set up a huge event during which it will launch all its new products or it will have separate events, one for the Mac products and another for the smart watch.

The Apple computers are supposed to the shipped either at the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2014. However, there are high chances for their launch to be postponed until the beginning of 2015 because of the Intel chipsets but also due to other gadgets which are scheduled to be launched in 2014.