Apple plans to surprise Users with Its New 12 inch Retina MacBook and the 4K Mac Desktop

The end of 2014 is going to witness a store invasion of Apple products. Thus, the company plans to launch not only the much rumored iPhone 6 and the iWatch but also the 12 inch Retina Macbook and the 4K Mac Desktop. There are various leaks which claim that Apple will release first its OS X Yosemite in early October then later in the month it will hit the market with the MacBook and the Desktop mentioned above.

The 12 inch MacBook is rumored to be functioning on the advanced high resolution Retina Display technology. It is also said that it will have an amazing design with a slim figure and aluminum case.  Nobody knows for sure if this MacBook will be considered a tinier model of MackBook Pro or a brand new alternative of MacBook Air. However, Apple claims that its new laptop represents an important advancement in the production of laptop computers.

The new Apple desktop is also surrounded by lots of questions and unknown fact. According to the 9to5mac report, Apple will release an iMac with a screen having a 4 K type resolution or an independent Thunderbolt Display. However, it is not very clear if Apple wants to sell the newly produced desktop as a Retina display. The report says that the technology necessary for the real pixel doubling of the present 27 inch iMac is not ready yet to be delivered to customers. The situation is similar for the Thunderbolt Display having a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The same report state that the electronics company has serious plans to leverage its newly produced hardware and turn it into a selling point for OS X Yosemite. The source that provide the above information also said that the interface elements seem to be created to suit screens having a high resolution; thus, it is logic for Apple to present the Retina Mac almost at the same time with the Yosemite launch.

The iWatch is supposed to be launched in October as well. Nobody knows if Apple is going to set up a huge event during which it will launch all its new products or it will have separate events, one for the Mac products and another for the smart watch.

The Apple computers are supposed to the shipped either at the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2014. However, there are high chances for their launch to be postponed until the beginning of 2015 because of the Intel chipsets but also due to other gadgets which are scheduled to be launched in 2014.